Speeding up treatment times. Studies have shown that patients who use AcceleDent for at least twenty minutes a day spend anywhere from between 30-50% less time in orthodontic treatment. This is especially useful for those in treatment with metal braces, who’d like to be able to return to their normal routines as soon as possible, or for those who need a perfect smile for a particular date, such as a wedding.

Vibration technology. AcceleDent works with a small mouthpiece attached to a control which delivers microvibrations to the teeth and jaw area. These vibrations encourage bone remodelling, which is the process by which tissue is broken down, and new bone and tissue is formed, allowing teeth to move into a new position.

Simple, safe, and convenient use. The AcceleDent mouthpiece is perfectly comfortable and actually sits outside the mouth. It’s hands-free, which means patients can do anything else they want to do such as read or watch television while it is turned on. It’s also been proven to be completely safe, and to provide results that are just as reliable and long-lasting as the normal orthodontic procedure.


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