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Adult Treatment

It's time to do something for yourself. Parents are often more concerned with the state of their children's teeth than their own, but with so many options available to you today, it might be time to consider your oral health and how a great smile could have a positive affect on your life.

There are no age restrictions when it comes to orthodontic treatment. We treat patients of all ages not just teenagers and children.

Don't want braces? There are 'invisible' options. Braces are no longer your only option, we offer Invisalign which consists of clear plastic aligners, not metal brackets and wires. To learn more about Invisalign please visit our Invisalign treatment page.

Have you been told that you're not an Invisalign candidate? We offer free initial Invisalign consultations so if you've been told that Invisalign isn't suited to you please book your free initial consultation and we can give you a second opinion.

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