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Teen Treatment

Don't want braces? There are options. If all your friends are getting braces but you're worried about how they will look then check out our other treatment options that are a lot less noticeable. Invisalign doesn't have any metal brackets or wires, the aligners are made of thin clear plastic so they're almost invisible!

Invisalign Teen isn't just 'invisible'. Invisalign may be one of the most cosmetically pleasing treatment options but the benefits don't stop there. Invisalign is more hygienic than traditional metal braces and is also removable so it tends to fit in nicely with your lifestyle. With Invisalign Teen the patient also gets six free aligners in case of breakage and a blue indicator so that the parents and doctor can be sure you're wearing your aligners. 

You're at a great age for orthodontic treatment. When you're a teenager your face is still developing so your orthodontist is able to use growth patterns to determine a great outcome.

Worried that treatment will take a long time? Speed up treatment with AcceleDent. Some people are concerned about how long treatment will take. We offer AcceleDent which can speed up your treatment by up to 50%. Click here to read more about AcceleDent.

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