Will I experience any discomfort after my braces are fitted?

Once your braces are fitted your teeth will feel tender and your cheeks and lips may be irritated. Eating a soft diet.  If you experience discomfort we recommended taking pain killers as needed. Discomfort can last up to a week.

Is a broken bracket considered to be an emergency?

A broken bracket is not considered to be an emergency.  You won’t feel any discomfort is a bracket detaches, if you do notice a bracket has come loose please call our practice and we can schedule an appointment to have it repaired at the earliest convenience.

What do I do if my Advancsync breaks?

If your Advancsync breaks, where the molar band comes off or the spring dislodges please call call our practice and we can schedule an appointment at the earliest convenience to repair it. We recommended to avoid sticky foods such as, minties, fantales, red skins etc while the Advancsync appliance is in place.

Will I experience discomfort with after a TAD is placed?

It is not uncommon to experience slight pressure around the area where the TAD has been placed. Minor discomfort with tooth movement is expected in the first few days after the procedure. Over the counter medications such as Panadol or Nurofen can be used. 

What do I do if a TAD comes loose?

In most cases minor mobility of the TAD is nothing to become concerned about. Should you feel the TAD has become excessively loose please call our practice for an appointment so your orthodontist can see you. 

Do Invisalign aligners contain Bisphenol-a (BPA)?

All Invisalign aligner materials are made from medical grade, high molecular weight, thermoplastic polymers. These materials were selected for Invisalign aligner use based on their safety classification & have a long term history of FDA approvals.

What should  I do if my Invisalign aligner is lost or broken?

If you happen to looseor  break an aligner please move onto the next one only and contact our office.

What happens if I break an Invisalign attachment?

In the event that you have a broken attachment, please contact our practice and we can schedule an appointment to have it repaired. 

What do I do if my RME comes loose?

If your RME appliance comes loose one or both sides, you can try to push it back into place. But you will need to call our practice to schedule at appointment to bond it back into place.

What do I do if my separators fall out?

If the separators fall out up to 2 days prior to your appointment to have your appliance fitted there is no need to come in to have it replaced. Otherwise please call our practice.


Just got your new braces? Download our helpful presentation below. It will teach you how to care for your braces correctly by showing you correct brushing and flossing techniques and also gives examples of foods you should avoid whilst in braces.

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Just started with braces or Invisalign? Watch our helpful presentations in Treatment Videos. It will teach you how to care for your braces or Invisalign correctly by showing you useful techniques and also gives examples of foods you should avoid whilst in treatment.

A scientific presentation on Potential risks of orthodontic therapy: a critical review and conceptual framework

Reference: Australian Dental Journal 2017; 62:(1 Suppl): 86–96

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