Orthodontic technology

Technology has revolutionised most industries and orthodontics is no different. Developments in orthodontic technology have meant patients are now able to enjoy even more benefits from orthodontic treatment. 

At Northside Orthodontics, we’re excited to be using some of the latest technology to bring our patients the very best teeth straightening results possible. Here’s what we use.

iTero Element Scanner

iTero Element Scanner

The iTero Element Scanner is a state-of-the-art digital impression system that eliminates the need for messy putty in your mouth. With our iTero Element Scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums. Not only is this process far more comfortable than the old putty-based impressions, it’s faster and can offer a superior clinical endpoint. 

During the impression process, you can breathe or swallow as you normally would. You can even pause during the process if you need to sneeze or just want to ask a question. The scanner gives us a 3D model of your mouth that we use with all Invisalign services including the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to show you what your new smile might look like post-treatment.

We use the iTero Element Scanner for patients being fitted with Invisalign aligners, Insignia braces and retainers. 

Cone Beam Machine

Cone Beam Machine

The Cone Beam Machine gives us high quality images of your teeth, jaw, jaw joints and surrounding anatomy. This special type of x-ray machine takes data which is then reconstructed into 3D images using specialised software. These images allow our doctors to view your teeth and facial bones quickly and easily from all angles. This enables us to make a more accurate diagnosis of your orthodontic problem and enhance your treatment outcome.

Speed up treatment

While the iTero Element Scanner and the Cone Beam Machine enable us to start your treatment with accurate impressions of your teeth and jaws, once you’re wearing your appliance we have a way that you can speed up your treatment time.




AcceleDent can cut your treatment time by up to 30-50%. This small, hands-free mouthpiece sits between your teeth for 20 minutes a day and uses gentle microvibrations that help encourage bone remodelling. This is the process by which tissue is broken down, and new bone and tissue is formed, thus allowing your teeth to move into a new position.

Simple, safe, and convenient to use, the AcceleDent mouthpiece sits just outside your mouth. And because it’s hands-free, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing just to wear it. Instead, place it in position and carry on reading, watching TV, doing your homework or hanging out the washing.

AcceleDent is especially useful for patients with metal braces who’d like to return to their normal routines as soon as possible, or for those who need a perfect smile for a particular date, such as a wedding.

Book your free consultation to find out more about how the technology we use here at Northside Orthodontics could benefit your treatment.

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